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They're more than just cars. They're sources of Joy.

Reflection and extensions of personalities.

Manifestations of a sense of acheivement.

They have Character. Soul.

We specialise in Car Care Products, Detailing Services and Car sales.
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✅ Premium Spray Ceramic Sealant

✅ Easy, cost-effective Spray On Wipe Off Application

✅ Protects and makes your car easy to clean

✅ Lasts up to 6-12 Months

✅ Adds shine instantly

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✅ Premium Ceramic Coating

✅ Adds extreme levels of gloss and shine

✅ Protects against UV damage and chemical attack

✅ Makes your car super hydrophobic - easy to clean and maintain

✅ Protects the future value of your vehicle

✅ Single application Lasts 2-5 years

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✅ Premium Dual Action Polisher

✅ With Bag, heavy/light compounds and 3 pads

✅ Perfect for beginners and advanced users

✅ 2.4kg, 15mm orbit

✅ 1600-4800opm

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Find out how you can enter our latest trade giveaway and also help us support the great work of VARIETY - THE CHILDREN'S CHARITY WA

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Official Merch & Apparel

The Hoodie 2.0, perfect for those winter car and coffee meets!

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Gran Turismo

Hand crafted for driving pleasure

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Confused with what exactly is the difference between a wax, a sealant and a ceramic coating is? You're not alone. Find out more here!


How do you apply a Ceramic Coating? This quick overview breaks it down!


Cleaning and caring for a car seems simple, but there's a lot of ways that you can make a mess of it. Here are some tips to make sure you're doing it the right way!


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"Took my 911 in after a few years of scratches and swirl marks. The reflection is now top notch. The ceramic coating has done a great job of keeping the car clean."

Paul - 997 911

"The Car looks like it never has! Such a deep shine since applying Destiny, Would Recommend."

Graham - Focus RS

"Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Wait Time - A Lift to the car hire yard, a quick turnaround and Jay was awesome to deal with. The end result is better than I had hoped."

Gary - Landcruiser
Constignment Sales

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Our showroom is proudly located in Weslhpool, A stone's throw away from Perth Airport.

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We gaurantee that you will be satisfied - or we'll make it right! We personally test all products and vehicles and of course offer full statutory warranties as a minimum!