2013 Ferrari 458

Kansas City, KS, USA
458 Italia
62,000 miles

Unveiling the 2013 Ferrari 458, a true automotive masterpiece adorned with upgrades and meticulously cared for across its 62,000 miles. Elevate your driving experience with a Front Axle Lift, newer Ferrari 488 wheels, and Michelin 4S tires – a fusion of performance and style that defines this exceptional machine.

Behold the symphony of power under the hood, driven by a robust engine detailed with precision. With a clean title and no liens, this Ferrari stands as a testament to its well-maintained legacy. Non-OEM carbon fiber rear diffuser adds a touch of individuality, while the original wheels maintain their allure.

No lights, no mechanical issues – just pure automotive excellence. The driver’s seat, worn with a badge of honor from passionate drives, tells stories of thrilling journeys. While the CD player might pause, the radio and other electronic components harmonize flawlessly.

This Ferrari, a work of art on wheels, recently underwent its annual maintenance, including a November 2023 oil change. Embrace the allure of speed and sophistication with a machine that transcends time and exudes a captivating aura of performance.



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ID: 10975
Published: March 1, 2024
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